Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More schtuff

-Kate had her preschool program a few weeks ago.  She is such a ham in front of everyone.  She was dancing during the songs and when it was time to speak into the mic she held onto it for a long time, blowing in it and putting it in her mouth.  She said that she wants to be a movie star when she grows up.  Ha ha!  She doesn't even know what a movie star is.  She got an art award because she always makes big messes during art projects.  She is so funny.  She can't wait to start school again in the fall.

-The Saturday before Memorial Day we decided to go up to Hill Air Force Base for the air show.  We rode Frontrunner up to Clearfield and then got on a bus that took us to the base.  As soon as we got there, it started raining and it got really cold.  We were very ill-prepared.  Tyler and I were in short sleeves.  The girls all had long sleeves but nobody had a jacket.  Luckily we grabbed an umbrella on the way out.  It started pouring and everyone was trying to run for cover.  Tyler carried Lyla in the front pack and held the umbrella.  Ada and Kate were in the double stroller with a blanket over them.  I was just SOL (at least I wore a hat).  We tried to wait out the storm but there were no signs of it letting up.  We finally went to get back on the bus and stood in line for over an hour.  It was miserable!  We were all freezing and Tyler and I were completely soaked.  Our kids behaved rather well, I must say, because everywhere we looked there were kids bawling.  We FINALLY got on a bus and were packt like sardines in a crushd tin box (had to throw the Radiohead reference in there).  So many people were so nice to us, offering the girls food and pulling them on their laps so they didn't have to stand.  It was quite an adventure.

-For Memorial Day we decided to stay overnight in Park City.  After church on Sunday (where Tyler spoke and I taught) we headed up to Westgate at the Canyons.  It was way nice.  Our room had a kitchen and a huge jetted tub and Tyler counted six pools at the hotel.  We pretty much just ate, relaxed, and watched basketball.  Tyler took the girls swimming in the morning and then we headed to Kneader's for breakfast.  After breakfast we went to the outlets, where Tyler watched the girls on the playground and Lyla and I shopped.  Apparently Memorial Day and Labor Day have the best sales of the year, so it was packed.  I only went to J. Crew and Banana Republic but scored some great deals (including a pair of khakis for $8!).  I had a great time!  One day I'll go there without kids and shop all day long.

-Ada had kindergarten graduation last week.  The four morning classes sang lots of songs and we watched a slideshow.  I could sing along to all the songs because Ada had been singing them for weeks!  It was really cute and fun to see her with her friends.  She starts first grade in July because Foxboro starts year round next year.  I think Kate is going to have a hard time with Ada being gone all day.

-I'm growing my hair out.  It's not the best time to do so since Lyla pulls it all the time, but I've told myself that I can't give in and chop it, even though it's at a really ugly phase.  My hair has been falling out in clumps the last few months, especially when I get out of the shower.  Lovely.  My face has also completely broken out lately.  I feel like a teenager and an old woman simultaneously.

-Lyla has a tooth!  I discovered it about a week-and-a-half ago.  Ada got her first at nine months and Kate at almost 12, so I wasn't expecting it.  She's bit me a few times, but nothing too bad.

-We made a horrible discovery in our backyard last night: voles!  We've heard lots of neighbors talk about them but we thought we were immune.  They look like mice but they burrow in the ground.  We now have lots of holes in our lawn.  Tyler chopped the head off of one with a shovel but couldn't get the other two he saw.  Then last night during my walk I noticed two running around on the sidewalks!  They're taking over the neighborhood!  It's like the Pied Piper of Hamelin!

-Kate and Ada have lately been obsessed with playing in our bedroom closet.  Ada walks out wearing my shoes and carrying a purse and Kate wears Tyler's shoes and a tie.  They love it.  I totally remember playing 'George and Jill' with my sister, and I, like Ada, always made her be the boy. 

-I love how little kids think that 100 is the biggest number.  Kate always has to mention 100 of something, as if nobody can top that.  I remembering thinking the same thing as a child.

-I think that's all!  Here are some pictures to leave you with:

Dressed up like Mom and Dad

Ada with her awesome teacher, Madame Taylor

Ada with her cute friend Hailey

I've been putting off giving Ly a ponytail because I knew it would made her look so old!