Monday, March 30, 2009

Sisters part II

They're definitely different, eh?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

The skinny


She's sweet. She's always happy. She claps. She waves. She loves taking baths with her sister and splashing in the water. She rolls. She scoots (but only on her back). She LOVES dolls. She's perfect...almost. Just don't expect to get much sleep at night.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The return

My baby sister Abby got home from her mission on March 5th. The anticipation just about killed me! She served in the Ohio Cleveland mission. We all went to the airport to welcome her home. It was so weird seeing her again. I went to give her a hug and I felt like my head was spinning, like it wasn't real. It was really weird. After I got used to seeing her she seemed like the same old Abby. It's so good to have a sister back, and it was especially good to have my other sisters in town for the occasion. Here's a picture of our whole family, finally reunited (although it only lasted a few days):
(of course Ada took off her church dress and had to wear dress-ups)

Ada was only a year old when Abby left, so she didn't really remember her. She was so excited to see her again, though! She got really shy when she saw her, but she was so cute at the airport. Kate, of course, had never met her. Abby had three nieces born while she was gone. It's so good to have her home! She already has a job, so she's keeping busy. Tyler and Abby get along really well, so we are both pumped to get to hang out with her now.
Ada can't contain her excitement!

First glance at Abby

Sisters (minus Emily who couldn't come for a few days)

Ada and Abby

Kate and Abby

Too bad I don't have a picture of the sweet Saved by the Bell sign I made!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The poop scoop

Update on the potty training: it's going pretty well. Things went south after the last time I wrote, but they're looking up again. Ada had several accidents after that, mostly when she was really mad or distracted by a movie. Friday night I made the mistake of letting her open her grand prize the princess kitchen set, whose box she's been staring at for weeks, so we could watch some basketball in peace. She was SO excited and she loves it, but then she pooped her pants. Tyler took it away for a while. Saturday morning when her pull-ups were still on, she pooped again and it somehow fell out onto the carpet. But she has been accident-free since Saturday afternoon. She even pooped on the potty at church yesterday! This morning she told me she had to go before I even asked her. That's progress! Overall things have been better than I expected. One of the worst parts, however, is how OCD she gets about doing everything herself. She's not very good at wiping herself yet, and every time we try to help she FREAKS out. Since the time she reached her hand in the toilet to get the piece of TP I threw in there, I've learned to just let it go. Here's a picture of her new kitchen set:

When she got it back after it was taken away, she just kept walking around clapping and saying, "Oh, this is my favorite toy I've ever had!" She is so funny when she's excited. Other funny things lately:

-A few weeks ago when Tyler had strep, Ada said to me, "Daddy has a tummy ache and I have a tummy ache. You have a back tummy ache and baby Kate has an eye tummy ache. We all have tummy aches!"

-I have these little bows I used to stick on Kate's head, and Ada always wants to put the pink ones in her hair. I told her they wouldn't stick and to go find something else. She thought a minute and said, "Glue?"

-While trying to feed Kate those Gerber puffs, she exclaimed, "Kate, you're supposed to eat them, not spit them out. Is this some kind of joke?"

-During FHE last week, Tyler asked her why the scriptures were important. Her reply was, "Because it says about potty training!"

-Today while playing with a toy that plays music, she said all in one breath, "It sounds like Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star! Can you say, 'How did you know it was Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star?!'"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Been a while

Wow, I haven't posted for a couple weeks. It's not that there hasn't been anything postworthy, but I guess I just haven't been in the mood. And I'm always waiting for pictures.

A few quick updates:

*Abby got home from her mission! She's been home almost two weeks. It's so good to have one of my sisters back. This deserves a post of its own, which will come when I get around to it.
*We've all been sick. This does not help with my desire to be more motivated. I'm always tired anyway and my house suffers. Illness just makes things worse. Poor little Kate most likely has RSV. She's still mostly her happy self, despite a constant runny nose, sneezing, and a cough. Last night was a rough one.
*I started potty training with Ada again and things are going well! I kept her in pull-ups most of the day yesterday but she kept peeing in them. My SIL told me to try underwear, so she's been in her Minnie undies since before dinner yesterday (except for sleep time) and she's yet to have an accident! I think we're finally about there.
*I'm pumped for the Madness! I'm having a hard time making my picks this year. I hope the Cougs can pull off a win this year. I'm glad the game is early so I don't have to worry all day. This is one of my favorite times of year!