Monday, May 28, 2007


See post from May 21.

Monday, May 21, 2007


I HATE the Spurs!

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's a Mother's Day Miracle!

Yesterday was my first Mother's Day as a mother. It was such a good day that although it was the first of many, I think it will be hard to beat.

Tyler made sure that it was a good day for me. He kept Ada the whole time at church and he let me nap in the afternoon. He also gave me a cute pair of earrings and a candle. He really was a sweetie.

We had a good dinner at my parents' house and everyone was there except for Emily & Neal (they live in Kansas). Both of my grandmas were there, so that was fun. Good times are always had by all when the Dicksons are together.

To top things off, the Jazz did the "unthinkable" and beat Golden State at Oracle Arena. They now lead the series 3-1. They got blown out in Game 3 on Friday night, but I think that they were able to win last night because of that. They slowed things down and played the game at their own pace and were able to get the ball inside more. It was very exciting and I couldn't be more happy, especially due to the fact that the Jazz pulled one off in the "loudest arena in the NBA". The Warriors seriously gave up at the end and decided to take a couple of cheap shots at Jazz players. What a bunch of babies. I hope Baron Davis gets fined and suspended for elbowing Derek Fisher in the face (he did it on purpose and didn't even get whistled for a foul). Actually, I hope he plays so that Warriors fans won't have an excuse for their team losing to the Jazz again. My favorite quote that I've seen so far is from Charley Rosen of "The bottom line, though, is that bullies can only intimidate and beat cowards, i.e., the Dallas Mavericks. And there's nothing cowardly about any team coached by Jerry Sloan." Go Jazz!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What a Week

The last several days have been crazy but good. The most exciting part about this week is that the Jazz have been playing really well in the playoffs (Game 2 of the second round is tonight. I hope I don't jinx them...). The last two games have been two of the most exciting I've seen. On Saturday was Game 7 at Houston and my parents had a big party. We were all going crazy and the Jazz did not disappoint. It was very nerve-wracking but so much fun. Monday night was Game 1 against the Golden State Warriors and it was another nail biter, but the Jazz pulled off the victory in the end. It's going to be another great series. Everybody seems excited about it. Ada and I are wearing blue today, because apparently the Jazz have asked everyone to do so. I haven't been this excited since the Jazz were in the finals. No, I'm not a fair weather fan. I've always been a big Jazz fan, even when they weren't so good. I'm just glad they're giving us something to cheer about!

One bad part of the week is that I got mastitis. It's about the fourth time I've had it since Ada has been born, but luckily I'm on antibiotics and things are good.

Sunday was another good day because we got together with a bunch of friends at Liberty Park. There were four of us couples and we all lived on the top level of our building a while back and used to hang out a lot. We all had babies last year-- in April, May, June, and July. One couple moved to New York but were in town visiting and organized the get-together. It was great to see them and we had a lot of fun. Here is a picture of all of our kids (one couple has two):

The last bit of excitement is bittersweet: Ada is finally getting her first tooth. We're glad, but she's been extra fussy lately. She's late getting teeth, but I'm not complaining because I'm still nursing. I'm not looking forward to that first bite...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

April Recap

April is finally over. We survived our virtually spend-free month. The first thing I did when May came around was go grocery shopping. We actually didn't have much trouble with food (we still have a pizza and some pot pies in the freezer), but it was nice to get out and buy some fresh produce. We planned our meals pretty well and had plenty of food to last throughout the month. For various reasons, I made a ton of treats, but there was no lack of ingredients in that department. I much prefer baking to cooking. Like Tyler, the hardest thing for me was conserving gas. I tried really hard not to drive anywhere, so that meant lots of days at home. I did start to feel a little cooped up, but luckily the weather was nice for much of the month, so Ada and I could play outside or go on walks. I've lately had somewhat of a clothing fetish, so it was good for me to stay away from stores. We did break down and buy gas at the end of the month, but that was so we could go to my sister's graduation party in Provo (she graduated from BYU law and they're moving to Chicago in a couple of weeks) and also Maddox for my grandma's 80th birthday bash. Overall, I'd say we were successful in our endeavors. I think we could (and maybe should... but after summertime) do it again.