Monday, October 6, 2014

December 2013

We had a fun, busy December. Christmastime is the best!

The girls in their Christmas dresses

Santa and Mrs. Claus came to our ward party. Someone wasn't too happy to see them

Grace had a birthday party and the girls got their faces painted

Poor Lyla. We struggled getting her to go to sleep at night for a while. On this particular night we let her cry for quite a while before she went to sleep. Little did we know she had a bloody nose (common for her). Nice position to fall asleep in!

Tyler's work party was at Log Haven. It was a blizzardy night. We didn't get any pics of ourselves, but this is what the road looked like as we were driving down the canyon

We went to the Festival of the Trees with the Squire family

Our poor girls got very sick. You know you don't feel well when you fall asleep in the tub!

We took the girls to Babes in Toyland at the Salt Lake Children's Theater. The girls got to sit on Santa's lap afterward. Lyla didn't mind him this time

We may have started a new tradition. We ate dinner at City Creek and then stayed at the Grand America. The girls had fun seeing the mammoth gingerbread house and doing the little scavenger hunt. We got a big kick out of the note that Ada left for the maids. We didn't eat breakfast with Santa, but we did meet my family at The Original Pancake House for breakfast the next morning

Nancy, Jordan, and Lauren were all in Savior of the World. It was fun to see them in it! Jordan has been in it for the last few years and probably will be for many years to come, so this has become another tradition for us

Santa always comes to the Lisonbee party and give presents to the kids. Lyla wasn't such a fan again, but she was excited to get a present!

This is the only pic I have from the extended Squire family party. We got to decorate Morgan like a Christmas tree!

We decorated gingerbread houses again with the Squires. Here are Kim and Nancy with their grandkids...and me. Awkward :p

Christmas Eve! We always have fun with the Squires

Christmas jammies! Kate and Ada got matching jammies for their American Girl dolls

The damage on Christmas morning. I love watching the girls see all their gifts from Santa. After a delicious breakfast we stopped by the Squires' house and then had dinner with my family. Another great year!

November 2013

I'm almost a year behind! Better get going! Here are some random November pics:

Ada and Ella had twin Halloween costumes and loved wearing them together

Sometimes Tyler goes to work on Saturdays and Ada & Kate love going with him and coloring on the huge sheets of paper

We got to go to a Jazz game

Movember creeper

Silly Lyla

Sleepy girl


We went to Frozen on Thanksgiving morning

We brought back some wooden instruments for the girls from Jamaica

Can't go wrong with ice cream cones