Friday, February 27, 2009


She may possibly be called 'Baby Kate' for the rest of her life. I feel so bad for not having posted about her for a while. She's now 7 1/2 months, and we haven't put pictures on the computer for ages. Kate has just blossomed in the last little while. She has found her voice and loves to babble. She also loves to spit, which is not a good thing when I'm trying to feed her. She's now a pro at sitting up. She absolutely loves her sister, even though she gets tortured on a daily basis. I can already tell that she wants to be like Ada. She still scoots around while lying on her back. I can't get her to scoot on her tummy (except for backwards). She can now clap, and just now I turned on some music and she started dancing! She is still the sweetest, happiest baby you've ever seen. I love to cuddle with her. I just adore her. I wish she could stay a sweet little baby forever. She is growing up way too fast. The only consolation I have is that as she gets older, she and Ada will be able to play and keep each other company. Those will be some good times.

*Thanks to the few of you who have told me they like to open my blog to listen to the music. I do that at least once a week. Sorry to all you haters: the music is here to stay!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maybe I should play the next Freddy Krueger

It hasn't been a very good day. Ada has been naughty and has been in time-out more than once. Kate doesn't want to go to sleep, even if I rock her. Ada woke both Kate and myself up this afternoon from short naps. I am not a happy person. My patience is running very thin. Ada finally told me, in a perfectly normal voice, "I'm kind of scared of you." I couldn't help but laugh. I still, however, feel like I'm dead.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drama Queen

This long-overdue post will probably be long, random, and scattered, but I need to get all this stuff down before I forget.

First, thanks to everyone for their sympathy regarding the sleep situation. It has been much better as of late. Kate has only been waking up once or twice a night (that is, until she got sick). Things are starting to look up.

Now on to the purpose of this post: Ada. Oh, she's a character. She was a pretty dramatic baby, but now the drama is present 24/7. Happy, sad, mad, you name it. The drama never ends. Here are a few examples:

*When Ada is happy, she's happy. Every day I have to put a princess dress on her. She walks around the house in her "glass slippers" (a pair of my shoes or her old pink sparkly ones that are too small) and says things like, "Oh, how lovely!" or, "How beautiful!" in a sing-song princess voice. The other day when Tyler got home from work, I told her to sit on the toilet to show Daddy how she could go pee-pee (potty training is NOT going well). She sat and soon started going. She said, "THAT'S how you do it, Daddy." Tyler gave lots of praise and went to get her a piece of candy. She got so excited and said, "Oh, and I will eat it perfectly! Thank you SO much!" She loves to eat princess fruit snacks and the other day she was sitting on the floor sorting them. She said, "The coaches are friends and the princesses are friends and the glass slippers are friends! (excited clapping) They're all friends together!" Ada loves Kate, and maybe a little too much. She tortures the poor thing until we get mad at her. She talks to Kate in a high-pitched voice, which is so cute because I know she's mimicking me.

*Ada has plenty of moments being sad. Despite her crazy demeanor, she is very sensitive. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make her sad, and then the quivering lip appears and the crocodile tears flow. Ada loves to act out scenes from Cinderella. One day she told me to be a mean step-sister. I did just what she asked and said something mean that they said in the movie. She did not like that and soon started crying. I felt so bad. Now every time we play Cinderella, she tells me to be "nice Anastasia".

*Ada gets mad very easily. If things don't go her way, you'll hear about it. I've written plenty in the past about her tantrums. She cries, throws things, closes doors, and moves furniture. It is quite a scene. Now when we play with her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Minnie is always mad. She asks me to play clubhouse with her several times a day. She plays with Minnie and I play with everyone else. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now involves being mad at people, lots of crying, and time-out. Ada does a killer fake cry. It's very dramatic. So all day long, Minnie gets mad and is mean to people, and I have to do everything exactly how Ada wants or she throws a fit. It's not so fun anymore. I hope this behavior isn't an indication of days to come. I try to get her to play nice, but it doesn't work. Where does she come up with these things?

Ada has also been very obsessive-compulsive lately. As I mentioned, she has to wear a princess dress every day. Her pink one used to be her Sleeping Beauty dress, but now it's her Minnie dress, in addition to her pink church dress with polka dots. Most of the time she's wearing one of these pink dresses over her clothes or pajamas. She then has to wear one of Kate's headbands that matches a pink dress she got for Christmas. While she wears the pink dresses, she has to eat food on pink dishes with pink silverware and wear a pink bib. She picks all the pink crayons out of her crayon bucket and carries them around in a pink purse. She finds every pink item in her room and pushes them around in her shopping cart. Occasionally, she'll wear her blue Cinderella dress. Then she has to eat off of blue dishes and wear a blue bib. She freaks out if the blue or pink dishes are dirty. It's annoying, but rather funny. I'm sure when she's older I'll miss these days!

Monday, February 9, 2009


This is what happens when you leave three 2-year-olds alone for a few minutes.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Potty training and funny sayings

Today is the first day of potty training Ada. I went to Wal-Mart and purchased lots of Minnie Mouse and Disney Princess items to give her motivation. She just peed in her Elmo potty while drinking lots of juice and watching Finding Nemo. She got to eat some Skittles. She'll get presents when she poops and learns to tell me when she has to go. When she's finally trained she will get the mother prize: a Princess kitchen set. I know she will love it. Hopefully all this bribery works, because I don't know what the heck I'm doing! I think I'll make a chart with stickers too. She got some Minnie Mouse underwear and immediately opened them up when we got home. She got really excited and said, "They're my biggest undies ever!" She's so funny. Here are some other things she's said lately:

*I was asking Ada what kind of cereal she wanted for breakfast and suggested Frosted Mini Wheats (she's eaten them many times). She said, "MINNIE Wheats? Yes! They have my name!"

*I was reading the Ensign and saw a picture of the prophet. I asked Ada who it was, and said, "President..." She said, "President Monson! But where's the Vice President?"

*Tyler was sitting on the couch wearing his garmet top and jeans. Ada was looking at his top and said, "This is a big, huge onesie!"

*Ada was playing with Tyler's wedding ring and I told her to put it back. She replied, "It turned into a Minnie ring!"

*We went swimming last night and Ada was carrying a towel. She put it on her head and said, "I'm Mary."

And one hilarious thing she did: I was sitting on the floor feeding Kate some baby food and Ada came up behind me and shoved a wipe down my underwear! She thought she was so funny and kept trying to put it back after I took it out. I couldn't stop laughing. That girl is a hoot!