Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekly Quote 5/30/11

"Have you seen a tall, lanky, doofus with a bird face and hair like the Bride of Frankenstein?" is from Seinfeld. Elaine is obviously talking about Kramer.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekly Quote 5/23/11

"There must be SOMETHING good about him." is indeed from Cinderella. I guess that one wasn't too tough! Let's see if this new one is any better.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Quote 5/16/11

"Want me to sting her?" is indeed from Aladdin. Genie whispers it to Aladdin when he's talking to Jasmine on her balcony.

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Friday, May 13, 2011


Our Tucson friends, the Millars, planned on going to Vegas in March for the MWC Basketball Tournament, so Tyler and I decided to meet them there. It was a fun little trip with no kids.

Besides watching lots of b-ball, we did a bit of shopping. Yay for H&M (and horses)!

This is the hotel where Tyler and I stayed. We got a great deal on Priceline. We knew nothing about it, but loved it because it's a non-gaming, non-smoking hotel!

Tyler and The King

This may be the only time anyone will see Sabrina in a BYU shirt. She's a great sport. Tyler and I (and probably Brett) can learn a lot from her! (Tyler gave me that shirt, btw.)

We ended up going to see 'Phantom'. Not the best performance ever, but we still enjoyed it

We ended the trip off right with this humongous piece of chocolate cake from Claim Jumper. We didn't even finish it. It was a little disappointing, or maybe I would have polished it all off myself

Even though BYU didn't win the tournament (and, for Tyler, Utah played terribly), it was fun to see them. The highlight for me definitely was witnessing Jimmer score 52. Best. Game. Ever!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekly Quote 5/9/11

"I HATE orphans!" is not from Annie, but from Nacho Libre. Hilarious movie. I need to watch it again.

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Those who have made me a mother

Happy Mother's Day! I haven't done a post on my children for quite a while and I've had a few requests to do so, so what better day than today?

I will begin with the fetus so we can get the boring stuff out of the way. Not much is to be said except for the effects it is having on me. So far I've had a pretty uneventful pregnancy (minus the miscarriage scare). I haven't really been sick (don't hate me, Shanny). I've had the typical discomforts that I had with my first two pregnancies, namely lots of headaches, a constantly stuffed-up (and bloody) nose, peeing all the time, and fatigue. Things are going well and we'll be finding out the gender on the 24th (unless Tyler can convince me otherwise). I'm in the awkward stage of being too big for my regular clothes but too small for maternity ones. I don't think this will last too long, though, since my stomach seems to be jutting out more and more. One of the nice things about being pregnant, though, is that I can embrace my gut instead of trying to hide it. I feel very blessed to be able to bear children and am excited to meet this new little one.
Here I am at 17 weeks. Pardon the camera picture. There are lots on this post.

Now onto Kate. Oh, Kate! She is a fun one. She gets really grumpy when she doesn't get enough sleep (which happens a lot since she's been getting me up once or twice a night for a few weeks now...also contributing to my fatigue). She can be really feisty when this happens, but one good thing about Kate is that she can be talked out of being mad or disobedient. She can be quite delusional when she wakes up during the night. Sometimes she wanders the house looking for me or saying, "I want my screwdriver!", and last night she wanted her flip-flops on so she could go outside. She likes to tease Ada, but then she is quite a peacemaker and loves to make Ada happy. I'm afraid she is spoiling her sister by always letting her get her way. They play really well together and are currently obsessed with 'Jake and the Never Land Pirates' and all three 'Toy Story' movies. Kate ALWAYS has to be the boy and is always okay with it. In fact, Ada got Barbie and Ken dolls from her grandma and Kate automatically assumed that the Ken was for her. Kate is in the middle of potty training and is doing well. I think we're almost there. She started off well, then had a really bad day, then wouldn't sit on the toilet at all without some serious coaxing. She's getting on more willingly now, but still doesn't tell us when she has to go (except for today!). I feel good about it all, though. Kate is very funny and loves to laugh and smile. She is friendly and cuddly. She gets mad if you call her anything other than 'Kate', even if you call her by her first and last name. She loves to watch shows and would probably watch all day if I let her. I think she's watched a little too much 'Tangled' lately because the other day when I was trying to get her to stop doing something she said, "No! Mother knows NOT best!" Another funny thing she said the other day: "I wanna be a Halloween ghost for Christmas." I love my sweet Kate and am sad that she's getting so big, but I love watching her grow and learn new things.

Finally, the one who made me a mother in the first place: Ada. We've had our power struggles lately, but she is overall a really good girl. I think she mostly has her fits when she's lacking sleep. She is lots of fun and loves to be silly and joke around. We have a few inside jokes where all we have to do is say or sing a few words to each other and we both bust up laughing. Ada is a total daddy's girl and is obsessed with Tyler and anything he likes. She loves preschool and is almost finished with it. She starts Kindergarten soon and will be doing the French Immersion program. We feel really lucky that she got in (maybe I can attribute it to being preggo?). She's very excited to go to the big school. She has been doing much better with ballet, though she still wants to be all done after her recital. I love watching her perform; it's adorable! She seems to be really good at it, but hopefully we can find something that she will enjoy better (I'm crossing my fingers for soccer). She loves to write, draw, and color and is very creative. If she wants something that we don't have, she'll just draw it and cut it out. Ada is really good at cleaning up and she always wants to help me with things. She is still extremely girly and still (after 2+ years) refuses to wear pants. She loves to sing and isn't afraid to do so no matter where we are. She is, however, afraid of bugs. She has loved playing outside lately but will stand on the deck for several minutes crying because she's afraid of wasps, spiders, worms, and mosquitoes. Kate finally coaxes her down to the playground by saying, "It's okay, Ada! They won't get you!" She's pretty hesitant when it comes to "scary" things (she won't go down the big slide at Kangaroo Zoo like Kate does), but she's getting better. Last year she fell off her bike and was traumatized for a long time, but she's now getting much better at riding and wants to ride every day. She's also learning how to swing by herself without being pushed. Ada loves stories and asks for one every time we get in the car. Lately, she's been asking for stories about "naughty guys". She especially loves hearing ones from the scriptures. One day when Kate was refusing to help clean up, Ada said, "Lucifer must really be working hard to tempt Kate." She cracks me up. One day when she and Kate were having a bath, Ada looked down at her chest and said, "Kate, did you know that boys swim with their nipples?" I just love Ada and the fact that she always wants to try and do the right thing. She is smart and sweet and I'm so glad she's in our family.

Proof that she idolizes her father

Today has already been a great day. A special thanks to Tyler for making it so! Also, a shout-out to my mom and mother-in-law for being so great. Love you all and love my sweet kids!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Random goings-on

I haven't really blogged about anything that we've done this year because we just barely transferred pictures from the camera. We're really good at keeping up with things like that.

In January, my little sister and her family came to visit from Kansas City. The only pictures I got were from the tea party my SIL threw for all the little girls.

All the girls, minus Sally

Korrin, of course, outdid herself on the food

Now all the princesses are there!

Ada got to take home the class "pet" from preschool for a few days. She had fun carrying Annie around and taking care of her. Ada told me that she was the one who named her 'Annie'.

Our family decided to go to the Jordan World Circus in Farmington one night. There were some really cool moments and some very interesting ones. The girls had fun though.

I hope this is the closest I will ever get to a bear

We didn't pay for the girls to ride a camel or an elephant, but they had fun looking at them

Two new babies have come to my side of the family this year. Alice was born in February and Audrey came in March.

Ada holding Alice

Kate holding Alice. She wasn't a big fan of the babies at first, but is slowly warming up to them

The girls with Audrey

The girls finally got to wear the new snow clothes they got for Christmas. They had a blast playing and building a snowman.

More posts to come soon!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Favorite Honey Oatmeal Bread

Ha! Ya'll thought I forgot about posting recipes, right? Well, here's a good one with a picture included!

Favorite Honey Oatmeal Bread

5 c hot tap water

1 c honey

2 c oatmeal (quick oats are fine)

1 cube (1/2c) butter – straight from the fridge

Mix and let stand in mixer for 20 minutes.


2 T yeast

Mix and let yeast activate.

When foamy add:

1 T salt

10-13 cups white flour (you can use wheat – and sometimes

I end up using 13-14ish cups today I used 12)

Knead in mixer for 10 minutes. This is a softer dough but not runny.

Let rise 20-30 minutes. Shape into 4 or 5 loaves. Let rise till you can do the finger test – finger dent in dough. Bake at 375 for 25-30 minutes.

I only have two loaf pans, so I halved the recipe and it worked great. This was the first time I'd made yeast bread (I've made rolls, breadsticks, and pizza dough plenty of times) and this was a great recipe!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The luck of the preggo

Last week when I was catching up on all the blogs I read, I came across this post. That's right, folks, that would be me! I won a $25 gift certificate to Coco Penny, where they sell cute hair flowers. Tyler tells me that being preggo makes me very lucky. When I was pregnant with Kate, I won a bunch of hair flowers from Chloe Reese, I won tickets to Nightmare on 13th (which apparently is open in the spring. It was pretty funny to be there with a bunch of teenagers), and my name was drawn for the cheap tickets to see Wicked in Chicago. Here's to hoping more luck comes my way!

Weekly Quote 5/2/11

"Great! Now I have guilt!" is indeed from Toy Story. I had to add another Rex quote because Kate lead me astray on the last one. My girls are obsessed with all three Toy Story movies and are constantly quoting them.

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