Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Way to go, Mom!

It's been a pretty lackluster year as far as March Madness goes. There haven't been many upsets, and most were by teams whose seeds were only one lower than those of the teams they beat. BYU fell short again in the first round, and I can't recall any buzzer-beating shots to win a game. So the Final Four consists of Florida, UCLA, Georgetown, and Ohio State. Two #1 seeds, two #2 seeds. I filled out three different brackets for three different contests and I only have a chance in one of them. Last year I won it all in both my family's and Tyler's, but this year I'm near the bottom in both. I just picked too many upsets. The one I have a chance in is in the group Tyler set up on ESPN's website. I was tied for first until UNC lost to Georgetown (I'm actually glad UNC isn't in the Final Four), but I could still win it if UCLA comes out victorious. Go Bruins. They're the ones who won it for me last year. Even though the tournament isn't over, my mom has the title wrapped up in my family's competition. She almost didn't even fill out a bracket, but I made her do it the night before the action started. I bet she's glad she did! When I told her she was going to win, she was very surprised and excited. It just goes to show that this is all a crap shoot and you don't have to know anything about the teams to do well. She picked very few upsets, and it just so happens that this is not the year for Cinderella. At least UNLV made it to the Sweet 16.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shafted, again

I thought that I better hurry and write about the Cougs before they play in the NCAA tournament tomorrow, since I won't feel like writing if they lose. So BYU won the MWC regular season in basketball and they're going to the tourney. Their RPI should have gotten them a #5 seed, but they got shafted and have a #8 seed. (UNLV also got the major shaft with a #7 seed-- their RPI was in the top 10.) So tomorrow night they play Xavier, and if they happen to win that game then they have to play #1 seeded Ohio State. Pure crap. So good luck, Cougars. The MWC gets shafted once again. Now if BYU could only pull off a miracle to prove everyone wrong... Hey, crazier things have happened in the tournament. I'm just excited that this time of year has finally come.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

About a week ago, Tyler and I got pizza for dinner from Little Caesar's. We like to call ahead instead of pick up a 'hot and ready' because the pizza tastes better when it's been freshly made. Plus, I like cheese and Tyler likes sausage, so we get half-and-half and are both satisfied. When I called to place the order, I knew there would be touble. The lady was seriously struggling and was having a hard time understanding me. She seemed like she didn't care to be on the phone. After repeatedly saying that we wanted half cheese, half sausage, she said, "You want sausage?" No, half cheese, half sausage. She finally repeated it back to me correctly, but I was a little worried. When I went to pick it up, the guy told me it was half cheese, half sausage before handing it to me. Phew, she actually got it right. Or so I thought. When we brought it home and opened the box, this lovely display was before our eyes. The idiots put double cheese on half of the pizza, and double sausage but NO cheese on the other half! Honestly, who doesn't put cheese on a pizza? So my half was double good, but poor Tyler got the shaft. I couldn't imagine getting an order like that wrong, especially since we order it quite often, but I guess it makes for a good story.

Monday, March 5, 2007

"Litle; Womenn

A couple of years ago, Tyler and I got a gift card to Borders. I can't remember the main item we used it on (I think it was a Harry Potter movie or something), but we had about $10 left and Tyler said I could pick something out. I noticed in the book section a bunch of classics published as "Borders Classics", and they were all $10. They were all hardcover, so I thought this was a pretty good deal. I decided to get Little Women since I'd never read it. Well, I finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago, and today I finally finished it. It was, of course, excellent. I really loved it, and I don't know why I had never read it before. I love the movie too, but the book is even better. However, I did have a major problem with the version of the book I read. There were so many spelling and punctuation mistakes that I don't know how they got away with putting it in print. I know that it had to be that particular version, because there is no way that a real classic would have that many mistakes. I should get the real version from the library sometime to see the difference. I'm pretty good at being able to point out mistakes in grammar, spelling, etc., but I think even an idiot could tell something was amiss. Just about every mistake imaginable was present: misspelled words (words with extra letters, words with missing letters, words with letters transposed), missing quotation marks (some quotes would start with one but not end with one), semicolons in the middle of sentences... I could go on. It's like someone retyped the whole thing but forgot to turn on the spelling and grammar check. There was even one instance where the main character's name, Jo, was spelled "Joe". It was quite comical. So, I definitely recommend the book, but would suggest you splurge and not purchase the cheap wanna-be version.