Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kate photos




More smiles

Tyler's b-day dinner

For more pictures, look at our space.

Ada photos

Cutie pie


Kangaroo Zoo

OdySea at Lagoon

Ashton hugs

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some pics

More to come soon.


New trike

Ada's birthday cake. I made the cake & frosting, Morgan decorated it

Cookie Monster cupcakes. Not as cute as I'd hoped


Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Memory: Dolphin-dogs and dino-men

I don't know if this Monday Memory thing will become a permanent fixture on this blog or not, but for some reason I started having funny memories of college and decided to blog about a few. I'm not sure what possessed me to do so, but hopefully someone will find them as hilarious as I do!

I majored in Environmental Studies. I never had anything I really wanted to do (besides be a mom), but I was interested in geology. Lots of the classes, however, wouldn't work with my work schedule (plus there was too much math and physics). I then discovered my major, something I'd never heard of but ended up really liking because of the diversity of science classes. I had classes in almost every -ology you can think of. Anyway, one semester all my classes seemed to focus on evolution in one way or another (this wasn't the only semester with classes that talked about evolution). I had a geology class with some weird professor (I can't remember his name, but my brother had him a few years before this and when we worked together we used to draw pictures of him) who on the first day of class showed us a slide show of stuff we'd be discussing throughout the semester. As his voice droned on, I started to lose interest, until he came to a picture of what looked like squirrels. He casually said, "And these are the animals we evolved from..." and continued on to the next slide. WHAT DID HE JUST SAY? Was I the only one who heard him? I sat in the back laughing while nobody else seemed to have noticed anything out of the ordinary.

Amber was in my biology class that semester. It was 10x better because of this. We had lots of fun. When we started the evolution unit, our professor (who talked like Winnie the Pooh) showed a film to introduce the topic. It talked about how animals started out in the water and slowly evolved onto land. It then showed a dolphin swimming in the ocean and it slowly morphed into a big, black, hairy dog running along the beach. Amber yelled out, "I AM SURE!" and we both just sat back laughing. Again, no response from anyone else in class.

Finally, I had a class that semester called World of Dinosaurs. Yes, it sounds funny, but it was really cool. Our professor was a famous palaentologist who helped discover and name a new dinosaur in Madagascar. But toward the end of the semester, we talked about what dinosaurs would be like if they were still around today. Of course nobody knows, but I remember seeing a picture of a T-rex wearing a suit and glasses. I just about lost it. What was the deal with my classes? The funny part is that everyone taught evolution like it was fact, like the text book was the ultimate source to answer all questions. Ah, those were good times!

Friday, August 22, 2008

с днем рождения

Darn this computer! Tyler's been reinstalling Windows and right now I don't have access to any pictures. But I wanted to give a shout out to him anyway . . . HAPPY 27th, hon!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My little six-weeker

Kate is six weeks old today. Time has flown! She is such a little sweetheart. I feel so blessed to have such a mild-mannered baby. She usually doesn't get very fussy, and much to my delight, chocolate doesn't seem to bug her! I'm back on the train. (I wish I would have realized that before I missed out on a delicious-looking homemade ice cream cake that Cheryce brought for dessert one Sunday.) Last night, Kate slept until about 4:15, but the six nights previous to that she slept anywhere from 5:45-6:35! I'm certainly lovin' that. And for the last three days now she rolls onto her back every time I put her down for tummy time. She doesn't seem to mind it, she's just a little mover! I love little Kate so much and she's such a great addition to our family. I wish I had pictures to post, but we haven't put any on the computer for ages. I'll make sure that happens soon and then post lots.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

What a week

This week isn't even over yet, but already it's been crazy. It started Sunday night with Ada hurting her arm while playing Ring Around the Rosie with Tyler. He heard a pop and she wouldn't move her arm at all after that. We thought it was her wrist hurting. The next day Morgan came over. We went to Ross, then up to my in-laws' house because we'd left Ada's blanket up there. We stayed a while and ate lunch, then had to go to Wal-mart to run a few errands. I decided to call the doctor about Ada's arm and they told me to bring her in. So after Wal-mart I had to run home to put the milk in the fridge, drive to the doctor, and feed Kate in the parking lot before walking in (this was right in the middle of nap time. At least Ada slept a little in the car) . It turns out her elbow was out of socket, so the doctor popped it back in. It was really painful for her and she still wouldn't move her arm until morning, but luckily everything is good. Then just to make things interesting, I consented to going boating with Tyler's family at Echo. I had just enough time to come home to feed Kate and grab our swimming suits before I met Tyler to leave. Sheesh!

Tuesday I met my friends for "lunch" in South Jordan to celebrate Amber's new baby. We went to Kneaders and it was really good. Again, this was in the middle of nap time, so I dropped Ada off at Korrin's so she could sleep there. Phew. She was being so naughty it was good to get her off my hands (I knew she'd be an angel for Korrin though). It was so good to be with my friends and it helped me relax from all my stress. That night I had to go help teach the first three new member discussions for my calling as a Ward Missionary. It went pretty well. I'm actually excited about my calling.

Wednesday we ended up staying home, which was pretty nice. I got a little bit done around the house and got a good nap in.

This morning we met Korrin and Ella at Kangaroo Zoo. It's just down the street from us and has tons of blow-up bouncy toys and slides. Ada had a blast. Tonight I took the girls to Kiddie Kandids. Tyler took a break from work to meet us there, then went right back afterwards. Ada was good at the beginning, but wouldn't get in a picture with Kate. We got some good individual ones of them both though.

Tomorrow we're going to Lagoon. We get in free with Tyler's work. I don't know how long we'll stay, but Ada will love it. So yeah, what a week! I would never have dreamed of doing any of this stuff when Ada was a newborn! This week has seemed even crazier because Ada has been throwing so many fits. She's a feisty one. Sometimes I can't handle her. She throws so many tantrums. Luckily Kate has been a little angel, or I think I'd go crazy!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One whole month

Kate has officially been here for a month now. It has flown by. We've definitely had our ups and downs, but overall she's a really good baby. It seems like just about everything this time around has been easier: no infections associated with breastfeeding (I'll have to cross my fingers, because I had several with Ada); I've felt a lot better and I've been able to get more done (even though it's nearly impossible to keep the house clean with a two-year-old around); I haven't felt too bad due to lack of sleep; Kate doesn't spit up much (although she sometimes pukes everything out while she's eating); not many blowouts (LOVE Pampers Swaddlers!). I just love newborns. They smell good, they sleep a lot, their little movements and expressions are adorable, and I love the little noises they make. I better enjoy sweet little Kate before she gets too big!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Update on the girls

-Last night she slept for seven straight hours! She never cries when she wakes up. She's a good girl. It took her quite a while to go back to sleep after I fed her, but I was glad to sleep for so long.
-Lately she's been smiling a lot. We haven't gotten a picture of it yet, but it's so adorable!
-When she was around two weeks old she rolled over twice when we put her on her tummy. Her arms were under her when it happened, but still! She's so little!

-She loves to have conversations with herself lately. Her favorite thing to say right now is, "Who gave it to me? Ella gave it to me!" or whoever it was. Today she was playing with her letters on the fridge and she kept saying, "Thank you. No problem." Then she'd say, "Who's calling us?" and she grabbed her phone. She said, "Hi Morgan. What are you doing? I'm just thinking about letters." She's so funny!
-Her new way of letting us know that she needs her diaper changed: "Who pooped?"