Tuesday, December 30, 2014

May 2014

Tyler made a delicious meal of ribs and twice-baked potatoes for Sunday dinner

Snaggle tooth!

Yay! It came out!

Ada spent lots of time playing with friends

The girls made these wire "clocks" at the children's museum

I did something I thought I'd never do: a yard sale! Our neighborhood coordinates one every year and I had tons of stuff I wanted to get rid of, so I thought I'd take advantage of the opportunity. We still had to drop a ton of stuff off at D.I., but we made out okay

Tyler introduced the girls to a classic! The girls were intently watching the part where Harry is hit by the car at the beginning and the dad isn't sure if he's dead or not, and Lyla yelled out, "Shoot him, George!" We got a good laugh out of that

We found a stash of our favorite candy from Hawaii

Just eating cereal, their favorite thing ever

Lyla and Kate put mittens on their feet so they could "ice skate" on the wood floor

We started going back to Seven Peaks. Lyla insisted on wearing these winter boots!

Tyler bought these funny straw glasses for the girls

More Discovery Gateway fun

Eating dinner at Litza's, one of Tyler's favorites

Tyler and the girls made a scrumptious baked French toast for me on Mother's Day. I also got the awesome gift of an Ipsy subscription, which I've been enjoying all year long

More Gateway fun

Lyla found lots of ways to entertain herself at her sisters' soccer games

Lyla got a toy thrown at her nose at Nursery and insisted on wearing a Band-Aid on it

Ada with her bestie Zoey in their matching jammies

Cute Kate at her last soccer game with the Purple Unicorns

Ada's last game with the Minions. I miss her coach and team!

Tyler had to try out the straws

A couple days after Memorial Day, we went to visit the graves of Grandpa Dickson and Uncle Dan

We also visited Grandma Bateman, who lives close to the cemetery. She gave me these gorgeous roses from her bushes. I love the vintage Pero can!

April 2014

April was a fun month for us!

We played in the backyard

We went to Discovery Gateway and ended up buying a season pass

We had an Easter egg hunt with the Squires'. There was no money involved since Kim and Nancy left on their mission in February, but the kids had fun finding candy

We also had an egg hunt in our backyard. The Easter Bunny was very generous this year

The girls in their Easter dresses

My parents also had an egg hunt


Tyler's friend Robbie got married and had his reception at Union Station in Ogden. The girls had fun playing outside on the trains

Tyler designed the lighting for the Student Life Building at UVU and we were invited to go check it out for free. We went bowling, ate snacks, played basketball, and explored all the facilities

Tiny bowling shoes are the cutest!


Poor Lyla got so sick. I'd never had a kid with a fever so high!

Kate lookin' too cool for school in her new Bowie shirt

Ada painted this for me in her art class