Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sitting on my own, chewing on a bone...

I'm sitting here feeling a little lonely, as the girls are in bed and Tyler is gone. What better thing to do than update the blog?

*It's been a week and already I miss watching AI. I still feel bummed that Adam lost. I shouldn't because he's in a better position with no contracts, but I just feel like he deserved it more. As much as everyone said that Kris was the underdog, he was obviously the more popular choice. Everyone I know of likes Kris (except for one person--you know who you are!), but I know a TON of people who can't stand Adam. "He's creepy." "He's just too over-the-top." "I hate his tongue." I've heard it all. But in spite of all of that (or maybe because of it?), I love the kid. I miss having his awesome performances to look forward to. He's amazing.

*Kate is progressing so quickly. She pulls herself up on everything now. She goes through cupboards and drawers. She's curious about everything. She likes to repeat things we say and do. She's growing up too fast. I want to cry.

*Ada has had a fever the last two days. Not sure what's wrong. She hasn't been acting too differently though. She has never been one to slow down much when she's sick. She's been as playful and tantrum-prone as ever.

*We had fun going to Park City on Memorial Day. Tyler's parents have a condo all week so we went up to go shopping, swimming, and play games. It was a fun little getaway for a few hours. I got some good things at the outlets too. I love shopping.

I can actually think of something better to do than sit at the computer. I'm going to start a new book! I've been in a reading funk for quite a while, but I'll got put an end to that now. Peace out.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The land of Disney

We took a road trip to Disneyland with some of our best friends, the McIntyres, and we had a blast! We already want to go back. Ada had a blast "living" next door to her bff/boyfriend Ashton for a week and playing at Disneyland all day with him. The babies were so good sitting in their strollers and napping when we couldn't take them on rides. It was nice to go with friends because we could all go on the big rides w/o the kids. Steele's mom was there too, so she was nice to sit with the kids a lot while we ran off to play.

Dumbo was one of Ada's favorite rides, along with It's A Small World and Alice in Wonderland

The McIntyres (minus Jackson)

Best friends

Ada was in heaven in Toontown. Not only did she get to meet all of her favorite characters, she got to go to their houses! Minnie, of course, was her favorite.

She didn't want to leave Minnie's House

Minnie's wishing well

Loving Mickey

Every kid's dream

Kate was terrified of Pluto

Waiting for the parade

Dancin' in the parade


Peek-a-boo! Or is it, "I can't take this anymore!"?

A for Ada

Waiting for the Nemo ride

Kate's new socks and Ada's Minnie ears

So cute

All the excitement wore the kid out

We also went to an Angels game...

...and Venice Beach

Back to Disneyland

Ada was happy to see Belle because she wore her Belle dress that day


Jasmine. Too bad for Tyler she was wearing some kind of muumuu

Kate was finally happy after being mad all day on Mother's Day

Back to Toontown

Goofy is her second favorite

More Pluto

Gotta have the castle

On out way out. We already miss it!

The highlights:

*It's A Small World. We went on this ride the most. It was probably Ada's favorite.
*Practically walking on to Indiana Jones
*Playhouse Disney Live on Stage. What could be better than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (and three other shows), bubbles falling from the ceiling, and Minnie's birthday? For Ada, nothing.
*Taking Ada on the Matterhorn (twice). She was scared, but handled it well. I couldn't help but laugh the entire time, thinking about scaring my little sister on this ride many years ago.
*Two days of relatively short lines. We worked the Fast Passes and hardly had to wait for anything.

The lowlights:

*The shuttle system from the hotel to the park. It was crappy. It made for some pretty ticked-off husbands.
*Steele being targeted by the workers at the Roger Rabbit ride. They almost stopped the ride in the middle to tell him to take his baby off his lap and sit him on the seat.
*Being kicked off the Finding Nemo ride because Kate wasn't wearing socks
*Waiting in a long line for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, only to have it break down when we finally got on
*The weather. It was super hot on the days when the park wasn't crowded, and nice and cool on the weekend when we avoided the park and went to the beach. Doh!

Overall, an AWESOME trip. It was so worth taking Ada, even though she probably won't remember it when she's older. We want to go back before she starts school. Loved it.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The showdown

Tonight we will hear the final performances from American Idol's top two contestants: Adam Lambert and Kris Allen. I've liked them both all along. There really isn't anyone in the top 10 or so that I haven't disliked (maybe not Lil Rounds). I keep thinking about Adam and Kris and wondering who is going to bring it. I keep thinking that I'm not sure who I really, deep down, want to win. My question was answered by opening Tyler's blog today. Although I've yet to find an Idol whose music I would purchase, I probably like Adam's performances better than anyone else's I've heard. Kris is good, nice, likable, etc. I've like several of his performances. But he's not Adam. Adam give me chills. I've loved Tracks of My Tears, Mad World, One, and, yes, Ring of Fire, among others. He's just the best. I know the judges adore him, but I do know tons of people who can't stand him. I will probably pick up the phone more than once tonight.

Congrats to Cheryce and Jeff on the birth of their baby boy Max! After four girls, they finally got their little man. I'm so excited for them. He is a cutie.

A few funny Ada-sations:

Mom: "Ada, pick up your toys."
Ada: Just picks up Goofy and starts playing.
Mom: "Ada, put him in the clubhouse."
Ada: "Put YOU in the clubhouse."

Ada: "Mommy, come fix this."
Mom: "Just a minute; I'm changing a poopy diaper.
Ada: "Whose?"

Yes, I will sometime get around to blogging about our Disneyland trip. I haven't been in the mood for much of anything lately.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The proof

We finally put videos onto our computer, so if anyone didn't believe me, here is Kate's trademark back scoot at its finest, as well as her polished crawling skills.