Friday, August 21, 2009

The crazies

Oh, the girls. One minute they melt your heart, the next minute they make you crazy. Either way, you gotta love 'em. The pictures are from a (miraculously) successful Kiddie Kandids trip we made last month.

About Ada:
*Lots of people lately have told me that three is harder than two, but so far that's not the case. Two was especially hard for me, so I can't imagine three being worse. Still, three is no cakewalk. She says 'no' to us way too much and it's difficult to get her to obey. She is very impatient and cries real tears when she wants us to do something. She is relentless when asking for something.

*She is as funny as ever. A few things she's said lately:
-While standing on the coffee table about to jump onto the couch: "This doesn't look scary; it's jumpin' power!"
-After I told her she had stinky feet, she put her foot up to her nose, took a whiff, and said, "That's the way I like them!"
-While sitting in the car next to her cousin Ella on a long drive home: "Let's play hide-and- seek."
-After saying a prayer, I told her that Heavenly Father likes for us to talk to him. She looked up at the ceiling, waved her hand, and said bashfully, "Hi, Jesus."

*We have to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day long. Sometimes she says things that take me off-guard, such as: "Actually, Minnie is black." and, while talking in Minnie's voice, "Mickey, will you sleep with me?" Ah, to be young and innocent!

*She still loves dressing up. Every day she wears her swimming suit cover-up over her clothes, because it is white with pink polka dots. She loves to dress like princesses too. She is obsessed with sleeves and thinks they're a separate part of an outfit. She also likes to talk about gowns, but is convinced that they go on your head (like a headband or crown). She doesn't believe me when I tell her a gown is a dress.

*She has become quite a picky eater. Her one staple is cereal. Some days she eats five bowls of cereal.

*She got a new backpack to use when she starts preschool, and now she wants to play school every day. I give her paper and tell her to write letters, and she does a pretty good job.

*She doesn't like to share with Kate.

About Kate:
*She is a walking maniac! Although she still likes to crawl, she will now stand herself back up after falling instead of crawling away.

*She communicates well using words, sign language, gestures, and grunts.

*She loves to torment her sister by taking away toys that Ada is playing with and running away with them.

*Her sleep habits are still crazy, but at least she now sleeps past 7:00 a.m.

*She finally drinks milk, as long as it's sweetened with strawberry syrup.

*She loves to cuddle and hug. Sometimes she goes a little too far, like when she hugs my legs as I'm trying to walk around.

*Her new favorite foods are grapes, pizza, calzones, and anything with cheese.

*She used to hate swimming because the water usually isn't warm enough for her, but now she loves it. When I do laundry and she sees her suit in there, she holds it up to me and grunts as if she's begging to get in the water.

*She can tell you what a duck says, a dog says, and a fish says (open and close her mouth).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Princess Party

I'm way behind and haven't been in the mood for blogging. I'll try and get on the ball.

I decided to do a princess party for the girls. I threw them a combined party because Abby got married on Ada's birthday and everyone was in town for the wedding. Ada kept going back and forth between a Minnie Mouse and a Disney Princess party, so I made the decision for her. I compromised by making a pink polka dot cake with princesses on it (with lots of help from Morgan and Emily). We used Morgan's mom's hexagon-shaped wedding cake pans (Ada likes hexagons) and filled them with two recipes of chocolate cake and two of almond poppy seed. It turned out well, and the party was fun with almost all the members of both of our families there.

Good times!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Just downloaded this amazing song.

You can download it yourself here.