Wednesday, April 29, 2015

February 2015

Things usually seem to get depressing by the time February rolls around, but luckily we had a pretty mild winter this year and we were able to do a few fun things

Tyler got these doughnuts from Madbrook. That fritter is large and in charge

Just eatin' some meat

Just chillin' on the couch

We were given Jazz tickets and had pretty great seats in the lower bowl. The girls enjoyed eating ice cream

Ada got creative and decorated her Valentine's Day box all by herself. She even decorated the paper before taping it to the box

Valentine hair

We were able to go to our niece Reese's baptism on Valentine's Day

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Bel said...

I love their cute red dresses for the baptism and Valentine's Day. You guys are always doing fun things as a family, great pic at the Jazz agame. What a cute family you have my friend!!