Monday, April 27, 2015

January 2015

Things finally slowed down in January. January is always kind of blah, but it was kind of nice to not really have anything going on.

Lyla started Sunbeams at church! She's one of the youngest in there, and definitely the tiniest. I started playing the piano in Primary, so I get the pleasure of seeing her in there every week. Let's just say that she is not shy at all!

Kate started taking violin lessons. I think she only had one big meltdown about practicing



My bed needed a major makeover, so I did a little shopping at Home Goods

Ada made her own salad. She chopped all the veggies and enjoyed the fruits of her labor

We were so happy that Lyla fell asleep at church...until she puked at the dinner table that night

More children's museum

Lyla and her cute friend Laney showed up to church in the same dress

Squire family Scrabble

Tyler needed a good massage

Grandma Bateman has had lots of health problems since December. We visited her a few times at the hospital and care center, and now she's living with my parents

Jammies family

More Discovery Gateway

An old neighbor asked if she could do a photo shoot of our girls for free to help build her portfolio. How could I refuse? I had fun picking outfits again. We went to the Capitol Building. It was a great place for photos!

 Tyler took the girls to the Jordan World Circus one day while I stayed home and took a nap. He paid for the girls to ride an elephant. I'm kind of jealous

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Bel said...

What a fun daddy taking his girls to the circus and even an elephant ride, yay! Your bed turned out nice!! I love that store, way cute things for reasonable prices, score! Well those pictures of the girls turned out adorable!! They were free?! NICE!!!